Sedation FAQ

Any patients that have a fear or anxiety about going to the dentists are perfect for sedation dentistry. Some patients may have had a troubled dental experience from the past and some people just get nauseous from the idea or even the smells of the office. Sedation dentistry can help these situations. 

The patient and the dentist will discuss whether or not sedation dentistry is an option for the patient. 

Not quite. Sedation dentistry will put the patient into a very relaxed state. The patient will not feel any pain, fear or anxiety and will be able to breathe and still communicate. In most cases, people typically don't even remember the procedure.

The sedation itself varies depending on the type of treatment needed but typically between 2-6 hours.

Absolutely! Safety is our number one priority. From the beginning to the end of the sedation, someone will be with them. We also check vitals throughout the sedation for any abnormalities. 

Depending on the type of sedation and the strength of it, patients may feel a little dazed and tired. This will wear off in a few hours so the patient will definitely need someone to drive them home. 

Almost any type of dental work can be done with sedation dentistry. Just ask your dentist for options.

This depends on the type of work being done. Most of the time it takes only two appointments. A consultation will take place during the first appointment to make sure the patient is a candidate for sedation dentistry. The second appointment will be the actual dental work. Sometimes a follow up visit will be needed.

We will need to check with your insurance provider but in most cases it is not covered. If that's the case, we will go over the costs and put together a financing plan if need be. 

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